So many historians are making podcasts these days. Discover a new one with the help of HistoryJournal.ca. We are always on the lookout for new ones.

Preserves Podcast

HOST: The Manitoba Food History Project

This podcast is run by participants of The Manitoba Food History Project, an oral history project at the University of Winnipeg. The goal of the project is “to produce a comprehensive history of food manufacturing, production, retailing, and consumption in the province of Manitoba from 1870 to the present day.” What sets this project apart from most food history research is its heavy reliance on oral history interviews. Some of these interviews were conducted aboard the Manitoba Food History Truck, which travelled to different locations in Manitoba and in which Manitobans “cooked local, historical, meaningful recipes.” These oral histories help inform understandings of “the business, labour, ethnic, Indigenous, and local histories within the province of Manitoba.” In addition to the podcast, the project showcases its findings through experiential learning courses, story maps, soundscapes, a book, and public events. Podcast episodes include “Kernels of Ukraine,” “Salsa & El Salvador,” and “Trapping Liquor.”


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Immigrant Stories and Lives

HOST: Gabriele Dumpys Woolever

Immigrant Stories and Lives is an engaging six-part podcast series hosted by Gabriele Dumpys Woolever. This series is housed on the public history platform, Bridge to Argentina. Episodes feature in-depth interviews with historians which individually and collectively illuminate the multifaceted history of Argentine immigration. Episodes include “’Lots of Wine, Very Quickly, Very Badly:’ European Immigrants and the Making of Argentina’s Wine Industry” and “Stuck in the Port, Shipped out of the City: Excluding South Asian Immigrants in the Early Twentieth Century.”


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What’s Old is News

HOST: Dr Sean Graham

Exploring how current events are shaped by history. Each week, Sean Graham will be joined by historians, journalists, and experts to discuss some of the biggest questions in history and how the connect to major policy and cultural decisions being made today. There’s also our ‘Historical Headline of the Week’ segment, where we look at how old news continues to resonate.


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Canadian History Ehx

HOST: Craig Bard

This engaging podcast, hosted by multi-podcaster Craig Baird, features new episodes every week. Baird delves into an extensive array of fascinating topics across the annals of Canadian history, spanning from the pre-colonial era to the end of the twentieth century. Episodes include deep dives into Toronto’s Baby Boom, the Edmonton Tornado of 1987, and the anti-Asiatic riots of 1907.


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This Place

HOST: Rosanna Deerchild

Hosted by CBC Listen and based on a graphic novel anthology, this 10-part series takes audiences on a journey through 150 years of Indigenous resistance and resilience in Canada. Incorporating elements of fantasy and magical realism, it is hosted by Rosanna Deerchild, a Cree writer, and features Indigenous creators who share powerful stories and perspectives.


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Muddied Water

HOST: Stephanie Cram

This CBC Listen podcast, hosted by CBC reporter Stephanie Cram, delves into the history of the Métis people in Manitoba. Episodes, of about 25 minutes, explore the rich and complex history of the Métis, offering listeners a deeper understanding of their contributions and experiences.



Telling Our Twisted Histories

HOST: Kaniehti:io Horn

Hosted by Kaniehti:io Horn, a Canadian actor from Kahnawake, this CBC podcast focuses on decolonizing Indigenous histories one word, concept, and story at a time. With episodes running from 20 to 30 minutes, it explores the impact of colonization on Indigenous histories and aims to foster understanding and reconciliation.



Witness to Yesterday

HOST: Champlain Society

Presented by scholars including Gregory P. Marchildon, Nicole O’Byrne, Larry Ostola, and Simon Nantais, this podcast, produced by the Champlain Society, examines historical documents and their significance, providing insights into Canada’s past. Each episode ranges from 30 to 40 minutes and features discussions around specific historical documents and their relevance today. Episodes have covered topics such as the Battle of Saratoga, the Irving Press, and postwar nudism in Canada.


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Strong & Free

HOST: Historica Canada

Produced by Historica Canada, this podcast traces the stories of Black Canadians from the earliest settlers to recent arrivals, showcasing their contributions to the nation’s development. With only six episodes, each lasting between 25 to 40 minutes, it offers a valuable glimpse into the diverse experiences of Black Canadians. Topics covered include the Haitian Diaspora in Quebec, the legend of John Ware, and the journalism and activism of Mary Ann Shadd.


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